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crazydave chats with countess Mar

Hello people

here are a series of emails between myself and Countess Mar, I wonder what you all think. They go from the last to the first, just ta TEEEZZZ YA,


Hi Countess

I mean to apologies for getting on your case yesterday. I have been writing to ombudsmans for 7 years now, and I have found them to be particularly useless, hence the blogs I have made regarding the Local gov. Ombudsman being charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

I appreciate that your work load is excessive, and that in a more ideal world you would be paid for your service to the country. However the issues I am in my our particular fashion bringing to your door, do not only affect me but hundreds of thousands the length n breadth of this Hallowed Isle.

When you made your request for refusal, those 7 years whelled up inside, and I can only be truthful to myself. Like your anger at my persistence. I can only pray that you will reconsider by looking at the blogs on and consider that many gulf veterans are living in houses of multiple occupancy or worse because the army does not have a programme of reconditioning their soldiers back into civvy street, many becoming alcaholics, many like my own brother taking his own life, because he couldn't cope back into normal society.

I am in two minds with your request, on the one hand there is this vocation I have found that demands of me this raising of these issues, and on the other perhaps during some hearing with the ombudsman if indeed any were to come the reasons behind my refusal to comply with your wish might prompt a public inquiry into the antics or lack of by the welsh assembly towards me.

Infact I have considered over the last two and a half years of my regular protest outside there, of throwing a pot of paint against the building in order to be arrested and the reasons behind that act perhaps being looked at, after all I have had more than enough provocation.

Somehow based upon the opposition I have received that would not be the case. After all no one has raised a finger at the IPCC for their refusal to resond to a client????or at the email posted on the welsh assembly the crazydave files regarding the local gov. ombudman, or for that matter OFWAT.

May God guide your deliberation on the above, and that you conclude these issues would impact in a positive way your own areas of responsibility and interests.

All the best David.

From: "MAR, Countess" To: "Crazydave" RE: Assembly members aid n abet intellectual property theft!!!Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 19:42:41 +0100

I have made a formal request asking you to remove my name from your mailing list under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2000. If you do not do so I will take the matter up with Ombudsman.

************************************************************************************* From: Crazydave Sent: 08 August 2006 18:55 To: MAR, Countess RE: Assembly members aid n abet intellectual property theft!!!

Sorry sweety

You can always block me thats your choice, I have none but to do what I must. Wilful neglect by the welsh assembly and malfeasance ought to ber discussed by all your Lordships.
Love n Light David

From: "MAR, Countess" To: "Crazydave"Subject: RE: Assembly members aid n abet intellectual property theft!!!Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 18:44:48 +0100

I am a very active member of the House of Lords but I simply cannot take on everything to which my attention is drawn. I have my specialised subjects, as do others in the House. I leave others with expertise in your type of problem to deal with it. there is no point in you clogging up my computer with material that I can do nothing about.

I would point out that, for expenses only, this country's citizens do very well with the House of Lords. I have, for a very long time, represented some who have no voice, like ME sufferers, people who have been poisoned by OP sheep dips and Gulf war veterans. I am not paid to do this.
Therefore, in view of what I have said, I would be grateful if you would remove my name from your list.

************************************************************************************* From: Crazydave Sent: 08 August 2006 18:33To: MAR, Countess Subject: RE: Assembly members aid n abet intellectual property theft!!!

I thought as a citizen of this country I have every right to contact a member of the House of lords and you acceptance of that position meant that you were willing to be contacted by its citizens on issues relating directly to the management of it or the lack of management.

Or have I been mislead all these years. I have made you aware of various acts of a criminal nature and you are saying I do not wish to know??????

From: "MAR, Countess" To: "Crazydave" Subject: RE: Assembly members aid n abet intellectual property theft!!!Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 17:00:14 +0100

I am asking you to do so under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2000.

************************************************************************************* This e-mail is From: Crazydave Sent: 08 August 2006 16:29 To: MAR, Countess Subject: RE: Assembly members aid n abet intellectual property theft!!!

I am sorry Countess

but I cannot in all faith do that. These issues reflect the total disregard any organisation with government has had towards me in the last 7 years.

As the email states I will hold all members of the House as equally as culpable in the theft as I do the assembly members who refused to ask even why the police would not look into it, or the assembly members refusal to answer email from me regarding this and the other issues placed on or the BBC own web site.

Out of the few emails that I have sent you along with 483 other members email addresses that I have managed to glean because the House of Lords site does not host them, and this is supposed to be an accessible democracy????there has been a pitiful response as a whole.

I hope that you will look at the blogs and judge for yourself if you were in my shoes what would you do????Abe said 'right is might' and I have never felt so right about anything in my life as I do the contents of the banners I have made or the sending of these emails, which come out of the belief that one person can make a difference.

All the best David.

From: "MAR, Countess" To: "Crazydave" Subject: RE: Assembly members aid n abet intellectual property theft!!!Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 16:14:35 +0100

I would be grateful if you would kindly remove my address from your list.

************************************************************************************* From: Crazydave Sent: 08 August 2006 16:11To: MACAULAY, Lord; MACDONALD, Lord; MACGREGOR, John; MACKAY, D Lord; MACKENZIE, B Lord; MACKENZIE, H Lord; MACKIE, Lord; MACLENNAN, Lord; MADDOCK, Baroness; MAGINNIS, Lord; MANCE, Lord; MANCROFT, Benjamin; MAR, Countess; MARLESFORD, Lord; MASSEY, Doreen Lady; MAWHINNEY, Brian; MAXTON, Lord; MAYHEW, Lord; MCCLUSKEY, Lord; MCCOLL, Lord; MCDONAGH, Baroness; MCFARLANE, Lady; MCINTOSH, Baroness; MCINTOSH, Andrew; MCKENZIE, Lord; MCNALLY, Lord; METHUEN, Lord; MILLER, D Baroness; MILLER, S Baroness Subject: Assembly members aid n abet intellectual property theft!!!

Hello again Hello

As stated, I am sending you all parts of the blogs. when the IPCC showed up at my home in January this year I showed Jane Carter the actual magazine that I took the images from to make the stepping stones.

I guess if the truth be told I will hold all of you members of the Lords equally culpable in the theft if I do not recieve answers from south wales police as to who it was that photographed them, who it was that produced them, and who profitted out of the theft.

I would also like to be told why the Assembly members who were aware of this claim by me have not pressurised the police into answering the questions above, why they have done nothing, abit like the questions I hope, pray and trust your lordships will ask of the IPCC, and all the other government bodies that have failed to be of any service to me.

Still the BMA refuses like the IPCC to respond to my emails, given the nature of the complaint against Dr. Brian Gibbon the health n social services minister and a Dr. Williams of medical services I find that amazing.

I could forward you copies of emails sent to various members of the Assembly with regard the failure of the IPCC but I think copies of these blogs for the moment will surfice.

I will be amazed if one of you can get an answer from the chief constable regarding this and the failure to respond to the malfeasance complaint or that of the logal gov. services ombudsman attempt to pervert the course of justice. I'll forward that email in due time, some of the members allready have it, yet I have heard diddly sqwot from anyone with regards its contents, totally amazing!!!!!given the contents.

Love n Light DG aka daoud Jibreel aka Crazydave.

welsh assembly in disarray
Saturday, January 21, 2006

Assembly members aid and abet intellectual property theft. following on the wilful neglect of vulnerable adults various Assembly members were notified of harrassment and abuse of my good self by various neighbours, seems that the neighbourhood nuisance handbook provided by the council is a complete and utter waste of time. I therefore told the assembly members the following story.

I had made some stepping stones for the sacred space I was creating in the garden out of wood and decorated them with three images of the Simpsons, Bart Homer and lucy, one day I came home to find them up against the wall of my next door neighbours whom I had fallen out with. It was a sunday afternoon and there was noone in that house so as I picked them up to replace them back in my garden one of the kids in the area told me some men had come to photograph them. It still amazes me that they were so foolish as to leave them there, but then the Divine moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

Lo and behold it wasn't long before I saw the self same images being sold in the Hyper Value Store in the centre of Cardiff. So when the Housing dept and the police told me that there was insufficient evidence to do anything about the neighbours abuse I asked them to investigate that and that maybe just maybe they would find that the rip off artists were one and the same.

Needless to say the police havent bothered to investigate this and it seems that the IPCC are very reluctant to investigate it either and none of the Assembly member who were sent copies of the complaint have bothered to push the police to clear this matter up once and for all.

It even seems that Fox broadcasting the owners of the copyrights are unwilling to deal with the issue needless to say Hyper Value stopped selling them, I wonder if anyone who comes across this blog in Cardiff ever bought one. If you look at some of the other banners I have made you will see that they use the self same images of Bart and lucy as those on the stepping stones.

Go look at the Welsh Assembly members named and shamed blog to be created next and maybe you'll see the kind of people these assembly members really are.

first published 21/1/06. Its now the 6/4/06 the IPCC havent done anything to push for this to be investigated.
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Hey you got this far thats the countesses email address citizens of the uk. If you care to email the countess

Love n Light Crazydave

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